Posted on: April 17, 2017

Grass Clippings and Height

Grass Clippings and Height

The City of Blair would like to remind all citizens that it is unlawful to dispose of or blow grass clippings onto the street or sidewalk. Blowing grass into the street clogs the city's storm sewer and can cause costly cleanup to the city as well as being unsightly for the community. (See Section 4-501.02)

Also, a city ordinance concerning the height of your grass, before it becomes a nuisance, is now eight (8) inches, meaning that any "weeds, grasses or worthless vegetation" left to grow higher may result in the city having the nuisance area mowed, with all costs, plus administrative fees, assess to the owner of the property. (See Section 4-506)

Both of these issues are punishable under the city's nuisance ordinances.  Any questions, please contact the city's Code Enforcement Officer, Jeff Beiermann at (402) 426-6688.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

City Code

Sec. 4-501.02 LITTERING ON CITY PROPERTY.     It shall be unlawful for any person to litter, deposit, leave or permit any litter to be left, deposited or placed on any Blair City owned property at any time whether or not the property is open to the public.  (Penalties refer to Sections 4-601 through 4-603 or Addendum to the Code Violations Bureau Fee Schedule). (Amended by Ordinance 2164 05/12/2009)

Sec. 4-506 NUISANCES, WEEDS, GRASSES, WORTHLESS VEGETATION AND LITTER.  In addition to the definitions as provided in Sections 4-501 to 4-504 inclusive, a nuisance is hereby declared to be and defined as permitting, allowing, or maintaining any growth of eight (8) inches or more in height of weeds, grasses, or worthless vegetation, or to litter or cause litter to be deposited or remain on any premises in the municipality except in proper receptacles.

 1.         For the purposes of this section, litter shall include but not be limited to:  (i) trash, rubbish, refuse, garbage, paper, rags, and ashes; (ii)  wood, plaster, cement, brick, or stone building rubble; (iii) grass, leaves, and worthless vegetation; (iv) offal and dead animals; and (v) any machine or machines, vehicle or vehicles that are unlicensed, inoperable, unregistered, wrecked or abandoned, or parts of a machine or vehicle, appliances, electronics and household goods and furnishings which have lost their identity, character, utility, or serviceability as such through deterioration, dismantling, or the ravages of time, are inoperative or unable to perform their intended functions, or are cast off, discarded, or thrown away or left as waste, wreck­age, or junk.

2.         For the purposes of this section, weeds shall include but not be limited to:  bindweed (convolvulus arvensis), puncture vine (tribulus terrestris), leafy spurge (euphorbia esula), Canada thistle (cirsium arvense), perennial peppergrass (lepidium draba), Russian knapweed (centaurea picris), Johnson grass (sorghum halepense), nodding or musk thistle, quack grass (agro­pyron repens), perennial sow thistle (sonchus arvensis), horse nettle (solanum carolinense), bull thistle (cirsium lanceolatum), buchthorn (rahmnus sp.) (tourn), hemp plant (cannabis sativa), and ragweed (ambrosiaceae).

Any owner or occupant of a lot or piece of ground shall, upon conviction of violating such ordinance, be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor.  (Amended by Ordinance 2306 6/14/2016)

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