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Water and Waste Water Department

Click here for information on the city's transformation to using chloramines

The City of Blair owns and operates the Municipal Water Department.  Each month, employees of the Department of Utilities collect from their water customers a meter reading.  Bills are due on the (1st) day of each month and shall be payable by the (10th) day of each month.  Bills paid on or before the (10th) day of each month shall be allowed a discount of (15%) of the gross monthly bill.  The bills sent to your home will reflect this discount by offering net and gross amounts.  Any bill paid after the (10th) of the month will be charged the gross amount.  Should the (10th) day of the month fall on either a Saturday or a Sunday, the net amount will be charged until 8:00 am on the following Tuesday morning.  Should Customers not pay their bills by the (10th) of the month, a courtesy letter will be sent around the (13th) of the month.  The second letter will be mailed to the customer approximately (7) days after the courtesy letter and will be  a "water disconnect notice" stating the exact date a customer's water service will be disconnected for non-payment.  The minimum water usage fee starts at $8.40 and will vary depending on the size of your water meter.

Customer's may request an extension of time for payment in writing on a form available at the Blair City Office and must be submitted in person and approved prior to 3:00 p.m. on the day before the actual date given for disconnection.   Click here for a Request for Water Extension form which may be faxed, emailed or hand delivered to our office. NO VERBAL EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED

The City of Blair is also responsible for the Sanitary Sewer System.  The rates and charges for the use of the Municipal Sewer System shall be based upon the water usage for each water user whose waste is discharged into the sanitary sewers of the City of Blair.  These rates and charges are set by the City Council and shall be computed as a percentage of the monthly water charge.  The minimum sewer usage fee for residential services is $13.00 and $30.00 for commercial services.

If you have any inquiries, complaints or questions concerning water billing, discontinuance of service, procedures for discontinuance of service, general water service questions and/or would like to establish an account for water and sewer service for a either a residential or commercial property in Blair, please contact the Water Department at (402) 426 4191 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Please contact (402) 426 9661 for after hour emergencies.


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