The Mayor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of city government and executing policies, including:

  • Ensuring that all city services are delivered in an effective, efficient, and equitable manner.
  • Serving as the primary outreach arm of the city government to other cities and other government entities.

List of former Mayors and Council members (PDF)

Greeting from the Mayor

An unmistakable energy greets you the minute you enter our community of 8,000 people. We boast a broad and diversified economic base that creates opportunity and growth in virtually every corner of our city.

Located on the Missouri River just twenty minutes north of Omaha, Blair stands at the crossroads of US Highway 30, US Highway 75 and Nebraska Highway 91. Interstate 29 is fifteen minutes east, while Interstate 80 is only twenty-five minutes from our front door.

Blair understands exactly who we are. We are grounded in traditional community values, and we deliver a quality education to our children, quality recreation to our families, and quality employment opportunities for our citizens. With special focus on our enviable quality of life, Blair is indeed a great place to live, a great place to work, and a great place to build a future.

Mayor Richard Hansen