Other Recreational Facilities

Blair is unique among many towns our size in that recreational programs for children, youth and adults are provided through several not-for-profit organizations and volunteer clubs, not through a Recreation Department run by the City. Many of these recreational facilities are constructed on city-owned property, and Keno Funds are provided to enable them to maintain and enhance the facilities.

Miscellaneous Facilities

Disc Golf Course at Black Elk-Neihardt Park

This scenic nine-hole course was established in Black Elk-Neihardt Park in 2005. The course begins near the northeast end of the parking lot. A map of the course, together with information about disc golf activities, is posted near the first hole. Contributions by area businesses assisted development of the course.

River Wilds Golf Club & Course - 14002 North Highway 75

For information on this 18-hole course, see River Wilds Golf Club

Horseshoe Pits at Lions Park

Five horseshoe pits were established in Lions Park in 1976.

Skateboard Park at Steyer Park

The Skateboard Park in Steyer Park was established in 2004. The park can be accessed from Lafayette Street, one block south of Butler Street. The park was made possible through Keno Funds and a city-wide fund-raising drive. Several young Blair skateboarders proposed this park; they were also involved in its design and participated in the fund-raising drive.

Tennis Courts - Stemmermann Park

Four lighted tennis courts were established in Stemmermann Park in 1984.