Welcome to KBTA!

Omaha Skyline

KBTA is your BEST option for access to the Omaha metro area

Blair Airport is a full service facility located minutes from any Omaha address. With no fees KBTA can be your economical option for easy access to the Omaha metro.
  • No Fees
  • 4,200' x 100' paved, well maintained
  • LPV approaches down to 300'
  • Full-service FBO
  • 24 hour fuel availability
  • Lower fuel prices than metro airports
  • Located outside OMA Class C
  • Four lane highway to both Blair and Omaha
  • 20 minutes or less to most Omaha addresses
  • 10 minutes to Blair
  • Actively expanding airport with pilot-friendly environment

20 Minute Drive Time from KBTA (approx)

Drive Radius