City Council Meeting

Topic: City Council Meeting 5/26/20
Time: Apr 14, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 681 319 327

Dial by your location:
       +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)    
       +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

We will use the following procedure for every agenda item:

•    Presenter
•    Discussion/questions by Mayor and Council (discussion on agenda item only)
•    Questions/comments by public (questions/comments on agenda item only)
•    Action by Council (Council members will be voting through the Sparq online agenda software,  unless announced differently)

Here are the guidelines for participating in this ZOOM format:

1)    During the meeting everyone will be muted so any conversation on your part will not interrupt      another person’s presentation.
2)     On the bottom of your screen is a task bar that has a number of icons to manage the meeting.    It appears when you move your mouse there.
3)    There is a participant’s icon in the middle of the task bar that you can press, and it will     show who is present in the meeting.
4)     If you name comes up as something like Ipad Joe, we ask that you hover your name and         changed it to your proper name.
5)    At the bottom of the participants page, there is a “raise hand” button.  By pressing the raised     hand, it will appear next to your name on the participant’s page.
6)     The raised hand will indicate you wish to speak.
7)    The Mayor will recognize you and you will be unmuted.
8)  Those calling in on the telephone, you will need to press *9 to raise or lower your hand and *6 to mute or unmute your phone.
9)     For the record, please state your name and address
10)   When you speak, we expect good decorum.  If, in our opinion, you vary from that, we will mute your microphone and ask that you behave appropriately.  If after a warming, and we  unmute your mic and you would return to the same behavior, we will mute you again and remove you from the meeting.  You will not be allowed in again.

Open Meetings Act

In accordance with Section 84-1412 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes, a current copy of the Open Meetings Act is available for review and is posted by both exits in the City Council Chambers.  The link below is also a copy of the most current Open Meetings Act.

2019 Open Meetings Act Poster